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Mobile rank tracking has moved to the top of the list of things to watch in SEO, and rightly so.

People are using their cellphones and tablets more than ever to perform a variety of everyday tasks and satisfy their consumer needs.


Not only is that more convenient, but there are also more mobile devices than desktops in the world right now, so the sheer numbers go in favor of cellphones and tablets.

As a matter of fact, more than half of all searches on Google are performed on mobile devices with food and beverage websites experiencing the biggest rise, with roughly 70% of website visits.

Now take a look at your mobile keyword rankings? How are you doing?

If you want your business to be the first search result when they are looking for products you are selling or services you provide, then you have to pay special attention to how you rank on the mobile devices they are using.

After all, Google has introduced the mobile-first indexing policy for this very reason.

Keep on reading to see how SerpWatch can help you in this quest.

Why You Should Be Tracking Mobile Rankings

In 2019, Google announced that, as of September 2020, all websites would have their mobile versions indexed before the desktop ones.

This move is aimed at helping users find the information they are looking for more easily—whether that’s finding the nearest shoe store, the best restaurant in town, or any other data of interest.

As for marketers, the situation complicates a bit.

As of September 2020, Google will determine the overall organic rankings based on the quality of your mobile website. That means that the desktop rankings also depend on how well the mobile version ranks, as shown by any mobile ranking checker.

Therefore, the mobile version of your website needs to be optimized even better than the desktop version because that will give the desktop version a boost in rankings as well. Moreover, the optimization needs to extend to your keywords as well, especially if the content on the desktop version of your website differs from the one on the mobile version.

Example SerpWatch Desktop

Desktop ranking results as displayed in SerpWatch

Example SerpWatch Mobile

Mobile ranking results as displayed in SerpWatch

Imagine you hit the number one position for one of your main keywords, but on mobile, it ranks as fifth. If the majority of your traffic comes from mobile, you will be losing a big chunk of visitors. In that sense, you have little use of ranking first on a platform that is not so relevant in your particular case.

But if you are using the same keywords for both versions and if they rank well on mobile, that will also improve their desktop rankings.

If you are ranking for a particular set of keywords, you’ll also want to follow their status.

That’s where you need SerpWatch.

SerpWatch’s Mobile SERP Tracker

To be able to track your mobile rankings accurately, you need a precise SEO tool specifically designed for this purpose.

SerpWatch has what it takes.

It possesses great coverage when it comes to the number of search engines you can follow your website’s rankings in.

Not only does it offer several of the biggest search engines—Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex—but it also gives you relevant mobile keyword ranking data based on user queries.

Moreover, SerpWatch covers a significant amount of locations worldwide and gives you the ability to choose the language in which you want to track your keywords separately—unlike SEO PowerSuite, for example.

SerpWatch Create Project Mobile - Location

Not only that, but it will soon also be able to display local rankings, precisely according to where your brick-and-mortar shop is. And since mobile rankings are closely related to local searches, this is a pretty big plus in a rank tracker such as SerpWatch.

How to Use SerpWatch for Mobile Rank Tracking

Monitoring mobile rankings in SerpWatch is very simple.

Once you start the app and find yourself on the dashboard, tap on the “Add Project” button, and you can start setting it up.

SerpWatch Add Project Button

After you’ve picked the name for your project, inserted the domain, and uploaded your keywords—either manually or in bulk via a CSV file—you can move on to choose other parameters to set up mobile rank tracking of your keywords. They include location, language, check frequency, and, of course, the search engine.

SerpWatch Create Project Mobile

From the drop-down menu, choose the mobile version of the search engine you want to track your keywords in—for example, Google mobile.

SerpWatch Create Project Mobile - Search engine

When you’re sure you have everything covered, you’re good to go!

The next time you access the SerpWatch mobile SERP tracker, you will have easily digestible information about your rankings waiting for you.

SerpWatch Data Display

What Information SerpWatch Displays

Advanced Keyword Data

SerpWatch makes sure you get all the information you need, so it displays advanced keyword data right there on the dashboard:

  • Search volume—the number of average monthly searches for a location-specific keyword
  • Cost per click—the average cost of one click on a paid keyword
  • Competition—the amount of competition for one keyword
  • Monthly revenue—the expected financial value of one keyword for this month.

SerpWatch Advanced KW Data Example

Various SERPs

As with desktop rankings, with mobile keyword ranking you also get information about different search return types:

  • Organic results
  • Images
  • Featured snippet section
  • Paid results
  • Videos
  • Answer box
  • Knowledge graph
  • Google review.

SerpWatch Search Return Types - SERP Features


You can also check how your competitors are doing for the same keywords you are following and ranking for (or at least, trying to).

The “Competitors” tab gives you information for the first 100 positions, so if your competition is out there, you will be able to keep an eye on them.

SerpWatch Keyword Competitor Chart


Moreover, you can also enable SEO reports to help you track your mobile keyword rankings consistently and systematically.

There are all sorts of ways to customize the reports:

  • The time frame you want to cover (from the current day to the entire last month, or more than that with the custom period option)
  • Report format (simple and extended PDF, simple and extended CSV)
  • The number of keywords you want to include.

SerpWatch Report Setup GIF

SerpWatch Pricing

You don’t even have to worry that you’ll be paying an arm and a leg for tracking your mobile rankings since SerpWatch is the most affordable mobile SERP tracker on the market.

All our subscription plans are flexible and allow you to pay only for the features you’re actually using. You are able to choose the number of keywords you want to track with all the features available in all plans:

The bigger the keyword volume you choose to monitor in your mobile SERP checker, the more client domains you have access to. In addition, with the biggest subscription plans, you also get your own account manager.

Note that you can track both your desktop and mobile rankings for the same set of keywords in SerpWatch. However, in that case, the positions of all keywords are checked twice. Therefore, as is customary, the cost is the same as if you are tracking two different keywords.

SerpWatch Mobile+Desktop Pricing GIF

So if you’re on the quest of finding a reliable tool with an excellent mobile rank tracking feature, choose SerpWatch. You will get access to advanced rank tracking features, unparalleled data accuracy, and the most affordable subscription plans on the market.

Start your FREE 15-day trial today!

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