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New Feature 2 weeks ago

Track your Google Local Pack in SerpWatch!📍

Google Local Pack Tracking! 🤩

Along with other SERP features, (Featured Snippet, Images, Video, People Also Ask, etc.), you can now also track Local 3-Pack to see if your Google My Business listing ranks in the Top 3 Google Local results.

Tracking Local Pack results helps you understand and measure your visibility within a specific area and find a targeted approach to boost traffic and outrank local competitors.

What is Google Local Pack?

Google Local Pack is a SERP feature that appears on top of the search results for keywords with local intent (e.g. “plumber near me”, “supermarket nearby”, “best pizza New York”, etc.).

Local Pack, or the Local 3-Pack, is a listing of the top three businesses most relevant to the user’s search intent and location.

This SERP feature allows users to quickly find the most important information about a local business, including address, contact information, and location on the map.

Local Pack results may also include ratings, price range, open hours, website link, and/or directions.

Google sources this information from Google Business Profiles and shows results it finds to be most relevant to the user in terms of search intent and proximity to their location.

Why should I care?

While local businesses can rank in both Local Pack and standard Google results, Local Pack visually dominates the search engine results page (SERP).

In other words, when a Local 3-Pack pops up on top of a SERP, standard organic results stand little chance of being noticed.

This makes Local Pack SERP feature the #1 traffic driver for local businesses.

Tracking Local Pack in SerpWatch allows you to understand and measure local results for specific keywords, visualize your local positioning, and decide on the best approach to outrank your local competitors.

Agencies can use Local Pack tracking as an irresistible service add-on to wow clients with visual results and help them boost their local presence.

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New Feature 1 month ago

Keyword Checks Status Monitor 🤩

Wondering if your newly added keywords are being checked? Worried that some of your keywords are not being updated?

Introducing Keyword Checks Status Monitor! 🤩

You can now track the keyword engine progress in real time and see how many keywords (in %) are being processed, how many are in the queue, and more!

Check Keyword Engine Progress in Real Time

When you add new keywords, SerpWatch normally retrieves results in seconds. However, our queue sometimes gets overloaded with requests and updating takes a bit longer.

Since we think you deserve total transparency, we’ve created Keyword Checks Status Monitor – a page where you can check the workload status on a real-time progress bar.

You can now check what percentage of your keywords are:

  1. – Waiting for a response from the engine (“Checking”)
  2. – Being processed on the application side (“Updating”)
  3. – Showing current ranking results (“Updated”)

Check for Planned Maintenance 

We will notify you here if there is planned engine maintenance so you can understand the impact maintenance might have on your keyword checks status.

Review Incident History

Check all incidents reported for a given time period to understand the full picture behind your keyword checks statuses.