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Benchmark your channel’s performance by comparing the ranking of your videos’ side-by-side with that of your competitors’ and find ways to outrank them for keywords where you are lagging behind.

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You can track your channels’ and videos’ performance in the location of your choice. Just choose from the supported locations globally, to identify where your audience lies.

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Why you should be tracking your YouTube ranking

largest search engine

With over 3 billion searches a month, YouTube is the second largest search engine just behind Google and much bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined.

According to Biteable

According to Biteable, around 68% of marketers claim a return of the investment of a video is better than from one of Google Ads. Moreover, YouTube is claimed to have a better ROI for the video content than Facebook or Instagram.

According to CXL

According to CXL, people watch an average amount of 16 hours of video content weekly, and this number has grown by 52% in comparison to the last 2 years.

video posted

And finally, 84% of customers claim that they’ve been persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching a video posted by a brand.

Factors influencing YouTube ranking

Factors influencing YouTube ranking

Similar to Google, YouTube ranks its videos for search terms to best match the user’s intent and their demographic and psychographic profile. And in order to do so, they consider various deterministic factors indicative of the quality and relevancy of the videos. Of all these factors, the ones with the seemingly highest correlation to ranking are discussed below.

Keyword Placement

Keyword Placement

In order to understand the video content, YouTube needs the help of metadata that constitutes your videos’ title, description, tags, and transcripts. So placing the focus keyword and related terms in these places certainly increases the likelihood of your video getting ranked for the desired search terms.

Viewer Engagement

Viewer Engagement

This equation is pretty simple, longer watch time = more ads shown = more money in the bank for Google. Therefore naturally YouTube rewards you with higher visibility if your videos are engaging, which is measured in YouTube analytics in the form of likes/dislikes, comments, CTR, average watch time, card clicks, etc.
Also supposedly for the same reason, longer videos have a higher propensity of outranking their shorter counterparts, because longer play time means more ad placements.

Video Quality

It is also quoted in many analyses that HD quality videos rank higher and this is probably because YouTube wants a delightful experience for their users, and as a user, you would definitely not want to watch a low-quality video.

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