A unique SERP checker Tool

A unique SERP checker tool specially crafted for modern SEO professionals, SERPwatch seamlessly integrates into the modern app ecosystem and provides you with accurate, comprehensive and siloed ranking data of your website on 5+ search engines.

What is SERPwatch?

Incredibly fast in pulling out and refreshing data, as well as highly accurate SERP ranking at a single click. It has the ability to track thousands of keywords on multiple search engines, languages, and devices, from multiple locations, whenever you want.

The SERPwatch SERP checker is different than similar tools on the market as the focal point of its development are the modern SEO professionals’ needs. Our tool understands the latter-day app ecosystem and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your apps, siloing all relevant data for your rankings in one place.

What Makes This SERP Checker Tool Unique?


Seamless Integration with the Modern App Ecosystem

For best-in-class analysis, SEO professionals of today need a tool that can silo all data produced by the many different tools they use to process ranking information. This SERP checker is designed to achieve that goal by seamlessly integration with apps such as Slack, Zapier and API. Have all the data you need for efficient and informed decision-making in one place.

Powerful Feature

SERP Storm Power Feature

Need to know what made you jump a position or two up or what made you kiss the floor in your rankings? SERPwatch is the best SERP checker in this regard! Its SERP Storm power feature overlays your site performance graph with up-to-date Google algorithm changes.

Get Notified

Instant Notifications on Ranking Position Changes

Using the SERPwatch SEO ranking checker, you needn’t perform frequent check-ins to see your site’s ranking status. Merely set up to receive instant notifications on your email and slack as soon any change in position occurs for your keyword/s of choice!

What Else Makes SERPwatch The Best SEO Sidekick

Keeping Things Simple

The SERPwatch website rank checker has a very straightforward and intuitive interface which allows users to easily make the most out of it! With just 3 simple clicks, you can add a project with as many keywords as you want to monitor!

In-Depth & Comprehensive Data

Obtaining and analyzing extensive and ellaborate data in a SERPs rank checker doesn’t have to be complicated! Get visual representative of your keywords’ ranking data with minimum clicks, as well as insightful metrics to help you plan and execute the right SEO strategy.

Monitor Global & Local Ranking Performance

SERPwatch allows you to track hundreds of keywords and their ranking status in any country, city or zip code, delivering all relevant data siloed in one place.

Monitor SERP Position On Both Desktop & Handheld Devices

Our SERP tool allows you to track rankings on various devices. Keep an eye on how hundreds of your keywords perform on desktop, tablet or mobile.

More Than a Google SERP Checker

Use SERPwatch to keep an eye out on your ranking for different keywords across multiple search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Multiple Users & Permissions

The option to create an unlimited number of user accounts is yet another one of the features that make SERPwatch the best SERP checker. Give team members full access to all your projects or create limited accounts for your clients to keep up with projects’ success.

Comprehensive Reporting Solutions

Track ranking fluctuations with ease and create thorough performance reports to obtain better insight into what works or not using the robust reporting system of SERPwatch.

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