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“I’ve been using SerpWatch on a daily basis and I’m impressed with the results. The tool makes the complexity of SERPs easier to understand with an intuitive UI. The support is very responsive and treats new clients with kindness. I’m very excited about the upcoming features in 2021. Many thanks to SerpWatch team for all their wonderful work.”

Philippe Ruaudel Computer Science Specialist and SciFi Writer at MarKind

“The UX/UI is exceptional which is a selling point these days. SerpWatch combines both functionality and user-experience backed with a great support team.”

Emad Alghamdi Technology Capex & Opex Manager at STC

“As an SEO Specialist, I am enjoying the simplicity of this tool and its interface. It offers some really great features, and it is fantastic to see which keywords are showing in different SERP features on Google.”

Angie Neal WordPress & SEO Specialist at PurpleCow Digital Marketing

“Extremely satisfied! The support team was quick to help me with all queries. The software works really well. I'm able to offer my clients a white-labelled experience without paying hundreds of pounds per month. I'm also able to send each client an automated weekly keyword rank tracking report, which is a great way to keep my clients updated. ”

Glenn Freeman WordPress Developer at Niche Web Services

“Keyword tracking tools are becoming more and more expensive these days. SerpWatch was super easy to set up, and it is perfect for keyword tracking. The dashboard includes everything you need for this task.”

Helmuts Meskonis Web Specialist and Founder of HostMaria

“If there is one thing that remains the same about SEO, it's that everything about it is constantly changing. I swear by the real-time notification updates I receive, helping me take action if and whenever needed!”

Hristina Nikolovska Head of Marketing at C-LeanRank, Sofia

“As someone who has recently stepped into the world of SEO, I have tried every keyword rank tracker tool out there. SerpWatch, however, is by far the most intuitive and user-friendly tool of its kind and I'm definitely sticking with it.”

Tony Arevalo Co-founder of, car insurance review site

“There is an app for it all nowadays, and SerpWatch plays well with them all. The flawless app integration of this rank tracker has made monitoring project success significantly easier.”

Muninder Adavelli SEO Strategist at NicheStack
Meet serpie

Meet Serpie, your SEO keyword rank tracker assistant


Serpie Monitors your SEO Campaigns While You Sleep

Tired of digging through tons of projects and keywords?


The only keyword rank tracker tool with completely customizable notifications.

Easily set up rule-based notifications for important keyword changes – Serpie will keep you informed via Slack and email.

zapier illustration

Important updates falling through the cracks?


Track your rankings and promote keyword highs to clients on LinkedIn and Twitter. Or just claim bragging rights among your SEO friends…

zapier illustration


Take automated action triggered by important keyword ranking movements via over 1500 apps integrated with Zapier.

Noticed a major keyword drop? Auto-assign an SEO audit task to a team member in your favorite project management tool.


Frequent, Fast and Accurate SEO Data

Wondering About Your Data Quality?

A custom-built infrastructure for high-volume and fast checks

Choose Your Frequency

Your check frequency

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to Your Search Intelligence Hub

Understand Past, Present, and Future Search Marketing All In One Place

Is your data too scattered to understand sudden ranking changes? Search intelligence hub unifies all the SEO rank variables you monitor to easily demystify your website traffic.

SW Score:
Project Overview Designed by You

Adjust your report inform your goals.

Some keywords are interesting, others are mission critical. The only SEO software with weighted keyword graphs.

Constantly jumping between different SEO Tools?

Google Analytics Integration:
Reverse Engineer
Your Web Traffic

GA Project View

A clear view of all your total organic website search traffic, just one tab away.

Keyword View

Finally, a SEO tool that displays Google Analytics data filtered for the page that it ranks for.

Revenue Reports:
The Ultimate Metric

Not sure what your organic traffic is worth?
Search results are awesome, web traffic is great but revenue is the life of your business. The most accurate rank tracker for revenue estimates based on position and cost per click (CPC) value of your keywords.

SERP Features:
Know When You Are
in the Answer Box

Google Analytics recorded a surge in traffic 2 weeks ago, but nothing in your rankings changed. What gives?

Maybe you hit the Answer Box or Google images? Know for sure with SerpWatch – it’s the ONLY SEO tool that provides historical SERP feature data accurate to the hour.

Keyword View

Want a comprehensive historical SERP feature tracking for all your keywords? Serpie displays the data neatly and as far back as you need it.

Project View

The best keyword rank tracker to keep an overview of all your website’s SERP feature victories.

project view screenshot


Get Live updates when you hit the featured snippet section.

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Algorithm Update:
Educate and Evaluate in One Click

Did algorithm updates affect your search metrics? Team falling behind on the latest SEO updates? Clients upset with keyword fluctuations outside of your control?

Analyze any minor and major Google algorithm updates within your rankings, traffic and revenue graphs.

Beyond Analysis – an educational tool: Educate your SEO team on the lastest news. Keep your clients, collaborators and stakeholders in the know and prepared for upcoming fluctuations.


Your own SEO news feed – get algorithm updates delivered to Slack and email.

SERP Competitors Ranking:
Keep an Eye on Competition at No Extra Cost

Battling for the top position? Free competitor rank tracking for the top 10 results. That’s right no extra keyword checks required.

Multiple Countries and Devices, Same Project

No need to create multiple projects for the same information.

You can track your keywords for multiple geos, devices and search engines – all in one project.

  • Mobile vs desktop
  • US vs Canadian traffic
  • Google vs Bing
  • US mobile bing traffic vs Canadian desktop google traffic.

Ready to Sample SEO Intelligence ?

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Client Space Just for Agencies
Convert Concerned Clients into Confident Collaborators

White Label SEO Portal
Your Brand Powered by the Best SEO Tool on the Web

Provide a professional experience to your
SEO-bound clients.

Welcome to your Client’s Portal

Spending too much time relaying information to keep clients in the know? Give them a branded login experience.

Client Space on Your Domain or Ours

Get a Client Space up and running quickly on

Or keep clients on your site with Client Space mapped to your domain.

Your Brand Up Front, SerpWatch in the Background

Customize the logo and color palette to match your brand when using SerpWatch

Set Up Different Portals for Each Client

Administer client accounts from one easy to use client portal.

Automatic Branded Client Updates via Slack and Email

Eliminate client concerns with proactive reporting via notifications to your clients slack and email.

PDF Reports

Set up branded SEO ranking reports to keep clients happy. Send one-off or establish an automated sending schedule.


Need more help? Check either Help center or get in touch

What is a rank tracker?

A rank tracker is an SEO tool that allows marketing professionals and agencies to monitor the performance of their SEO strategy by analyzing the movements of keywords in search engine results pages.

How do you use a rank tracker?

SerpWatch is an advanced SEO tool that offers a comprehensive set of features for proactive keyword rank monitoring and data analysis. Users can track their keywords across multiple domains, devices, locations, and search engines, control the keyword check frequency, and customize rank notifications to suit their or their clients’ business needs. For more information on how SerpWatch features can help you climb up the rankings, check our Features page.

How long does it take to set up an account?

Setting up your account with SerpWatch is quick and easy. As soon as you register your SerpWatch account, you can upload your keywords, customize tracking settings, and start monitoring your rankings. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What kind of support does SerpWatch offer?

SerpWatch offers multi-channel customer support. You can reach us at any time via live chat, fill out the contact form on our website, or send us an email at [email protected]. To help you get started with SerpWatch, we built a large Knowledge Base with step-by-step guides and a list of frequently asked questions.

How to choose the right subscription plan for me?

SerpWatch pricing is based on the number of keyword checks per month which gives users more flexibility about how they manage their keywords. Our pricing model allows users to change the check frequency and customize their tracking settings at any time if they want to monitor more keywords. We offer three feature-rich plans designed to accommodate all business needs. Check our Pricing page for more information.

Does my keyword check counter reset every month?

The available amount of keyword checks resets each month for the duration of your annual subscription. In case you don’t spend all available monthly keyword checks, they are not automatically transferred to your next month’s balance.

How do I know how many keyword checks I have left this month?

There are two ways you can keep track of your keyword check usage: on the Billing page and in the Project Setup. The Project Setup calculator will show you the amount of purchased, used, and remaining keyword checks based on your subscription plan and tracking settings. If you change your check frequency or other tracking settings, the calculator will adjust accordingly. Check the Easy Usage Monitoring doc for more information.

Does keyword check frequency depend on my subscription plan?

No, regardless of the subscription plan you choose, it’s up to you to decide how often SerpWatch will check the position of your keywords. By default, your rankings are refreshed once per day but you can adjust your check frequency to monthly, weekly, every 3 days, daily, every 12 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours, 2 hours, and even HOURLY!

What happens to my keyword data when my subscription ends?

If your SerpWatch subscription ends, your plan won’t be automatically renewed at the end of the billing cycle, we will stop updating your rank tracking data and you will no longer have access to it. However, all historical data is safe with us and you will be able to access it if you decide to renew your subscription. In case you cancel your subscription before it expires, you will still have access to your historical data and you will also be able to use the tool and get tracking updates until the remainder of your grace period. For more information, check the How to Subscribe help doc.

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Yes, you can earn up to 20% lifetime subscription by recommending your favorite rank tracker to other modern SEO professionals in just 3 easy steps. Check our Affiliate Program page and become an affiliate today!

What should I do if my question is not on your list?

If you don’t find an answer to your question here or in the Knowledge Base FAQs, you can always contact us directly via live chat or at [email protected].