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Track, manage, and analyze keywords with the most advanced rank tracker on the market

Rank Tracker Notifications

Track every keyword you care about with advanced email and Slack integrations.

Geo Location

Target the right audience by optimizing and tracking GEO-specific rankings.

Metrics at a Glance

Get valuable insights and get notified about any major changes that need your attention.

Advanced SERP Features

See if your keywords rank in Featured Videos, People Also Ask boxes, knowledge graphs, etc.

Unlimited Keyword Tracking

Manage multiple projects and campaigns with our limitless keyword tracking option.

Zapier Data Integration

Create workflows across multiple applications with Zapier’s easy data integration.

In-app Traffic Insight

SerpWatch is the only tool of its kind to display a Google Analytics traffic data overlay on top of the keyword ranking graph.

Targeted Reports

Analyze your performance with reports that summarize all the figures you need.

SERP Feature Notifications

Be notified as soon as your keywords are found in or lose a featured snippet.

Get Vital Hands-on Information With Slack Notifications

Know when a sudden rise or drop requires your attention with SerpWatch’s Slack Integration. Track all your keywords in all your websites and all locales - and get essential SEO performance data in your hands where you can use it. Simply set thresholds for which ranking changes are significant enough and get timely notifications via Slack.

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SEO Rank Monitor for Both Desktop and Mobile

Monitor keyword rankings and optimize your strategies for both mobile and desktop platforms easily thanks to segmented index reporting.

The Best Rank Tracker Tool for Multiple Users

Manage multiple users or give access to your clients or team members - SerpWatch can handle it.

The Ultimate SEO Power Tool

No tool provides a higher level of comprehensive coverage monitoring and reporting. SerpWatch automatically delivers comprehensive, accurate, easy-to-read ranking data from every major search engine and most of the minor ones: Google, Bing, Yandex, Amazon, Google Maps, Google Images, also making it a Yahoo rank tracker and a Bing rank tracker!

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A Robust Tool That Understands the Modern App User

Your Rank Performance Shouldn’t Exist in a Data Silo

Rank tracker data is much less valuable when it’s isolated from other essential business metrics and processes. SerpWatch lets you integrate search-engine results data with data about your campaigns, budgets, personnel, and products. Combine rank data with existing reports and analyses to help you measure and manage SEO’s contribution to your bottom line.

SEO Metrics for the Apps You Already Love

Tired of manually checking, compiling, and analyzing page rankings? With SerpWatch, you set thresholds for notifications regarding page ranking. SerpWatch reports exactly the data you specify in clear for via notifications and reports. With our search engine rank tracking software, you can get results sent to you via Slack, notifying you about important changes and fluctuations in your rankings so that you can make the right call when it matters. Or integrate SerpWatch into your workflow easily via Zapier.

Simplify Your Data, Execute Solutions

SerpWatch is the only SEO rank tracking software that allows you to pull business data from multiple points and cross-reference it with your ranking goals. Gain insight into prospecting, conversions, sales, and repeat customers.

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Groundbreaking Keyword Analysis and Ranking Check Software

Thanks to its unique interface and integration features, SerpWatch goes further than any other SEO tracker to bring you vital performance data on your sites and pages. No matter how many keywords you’re tracking, you’ll receive geo-specific, platform-specific or search-engine specific results, allowing you to improve your pages with data you can rely on, making SerpWatch an essential tool for every rank tracker pro.

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Freelance and Small Business


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  • Up to 300 Keywords
  • Unlimited sites
  • 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited locations
  • Mobile/tablet Tacking
  • Multiple Search engines
  • Unlimited Tags
  • 1 check per day


Medium/Large Business


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  • Up to 1000 Keywords
  • Unlimited sites
  • 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited locations
  • Mobile/tablet Tacking
  • Multiple Search engines
  • Unlimited Tags
  • 1 check per day


Big Business Usage

Custom tailored pricing plan for organizations that need more out of keyword tracking


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  • Includes all agency features
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Free Unlimited Updates
  • Hourly checks


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Does SerpWatch offer a free trial?

You can try SerpWatch for 15 days and if you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription free of charge.

What is a rank tracker?

Rank tracker SEO tools help marketing professionals and everyday people who wish to gather insight into the performance of their SEO strategies by analyzing the movements of each keyword in relation to search engine results.

How do you use a rank tracker?

SerpWatch is a search engine position tracker that lets you follow keyword movements on search engine results pages by monitoring positioning data for each keyword you wish to track. This data is useful in a number of ways and it can help you come up with better SEO strategies to improve your site’s position. For more information on how SerpWatch works, check out our features page.

Can I track local SERP results?

Yes, you can use SerpWatch as a local rank tracker as well as to keep an eye out on a variety of geo-locations.

What if I have more then a thousand keywords to track?

Yes, you can track thousands of keywords with the Enterprise plan.

How long are your contracts?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time. No obligations, no commitment.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Canceling your plan comes into effect the following month.

Is subscription cancellation immediate?

Should you decide to terminate your SerpWatch rank tracker subscription, the cancellation will come into effect the following month.

What is the subscription length of each of your plans?

Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any given time. No commitment and no questions asked.

My question is not on this list.

Feel free to contact us here.