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Multiple Time-Saving Features in One Google Search API

The fastest way to scrape Google search results data. All search result elements in the format of your choice with our reliable SERP checker API

All SERP Features

All SERP Features

With our Google search results API you can scrape all known types of SERP features, including featured snippets, images, videos, maps, news, ads, answer boxes, and more.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate SerpWatch Google search API with any type of application or web service with custom language, location, and device settings.

Multiple Data Formats

Easy-to-Read JSON Format

SerpWatch SERP API tool automatically parses structured data from Google search results pages and converts it into intuitive JSON format.

Instant Results

Instant Results

A no-nonsense API based SERP tracker that processes requests instantly and scrapes data in real-time.

Desktop Mobile Results

Desktop & Mobile Results

Since Google serves different versions of SERPs on desktop and mobile, SerpWatch SERP results API lets you pull accurate data for both.


YouTube API

Easily retrieve ranking data for your YouTube channel and get keyword suggestions based on the YouTube autocomplete feature.

Accurate Geo Location

Accurate Geo-Locations

See SERPs the way your local customers do and define your own targeting rules (country, city and zip code). Our search engine API extracts accurate location-based search results data via a rotating proxy (browser clusters and CAPTCHAs solving included). We help you avoid being blacklisted by Google by assigning a different residential IP for every request.

Highly Scalable

Highly Convenient

SerpWatch search API supports batch API requests and is suitable for any type of business. We’ve designed a powerful and convenient SERP tool with API that can handle requests of any volume with no impact on performance.

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What Is a SERP?

SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages are the web pages Google displays in response to a search query.

The basic elements of search results pages are titles (clickable links), descriptions, and URLs. However, SERPs can contain many other non-traditional results, known as SERP features.

Some of the most common types of Google SERP features are featured snippets, paid ads, videos, images, site links, People Also Ask boxes, local packs, knowledge panels, Twitter cards, and news boxes.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it refers to a set of rules for the interaction between the programming languages of two or more applications or platforms.

Think of APIs as messengers that developers use to interact with the code of another application instead of writing the code themselves and starting from scratch every time.

APIs have many different uses, but they are most commonly used to pull data from a server.

For example, when you see a “Log In With Facebook” button on a website, it means that website is using an API to retrieve your Facebook credentials without actually accessing your account.

The most common formats of data retrieved via APIs are JSON and XML.

What is SERP API?

Google SERP API lets you scrape and analyze real-time SERP data in seconds. Manually checking and extracting data from Google search results pages is an impossible task. Not only because it is time-consuming and impractical, but also because it prevents you from obtaining reliable data.

All SERPs are personalized based on location, search history, SERP engagement, etc. which means that the same search query can trigger a different set of results for different users.

With Google search engine API you can track your SEO rankings, check where your ads appear on the SERPs, keep track of your competitors keyword rankings, see how SERPs appear for different locations, search engines, and devices, and get accurate and real-time results every time. And all this with no coding skills required!


You can get 100 requests for FREE with SerpWatch search engine api.

If you need more requests, you can always upgrade your plan and get unlimited SERP API checks.