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The SerpWatch Team

Like many online products, SERPwatch was born out of necessity.

Josh and Nikola met via an online job board.  After some discussion surrounding marketing and development they set off on a few projects despite being separated by the Atlantic and 9 hours in timezones.  Trials, tribulations, research, development and finally a bit of success ensued.

In order to manage their remote work they invested heavily in systems and workflows with clear data measurement. Given the timezones difference (night vs. day) they needed precise insights to cut down on communication.

One day they noticed some organic traffic bringing free of charge customers to one of their software products. They purchased a SERP tracker to begin analysis on the traffic but quickly found no SEO tool on the market could integrate with their other business applications. They wanted automated triggers from ranking drops to initiate audit tasks in their project management system.  They wanted notifications of ranking wins in their online office (slack). No product on the market fit this mold.

So again, they set out to build a piece of software, this time a tool that satisfied their need.  The result – A modern application that is willing to share information. With this tool they could correlate the cause of their ranking fluctuations against their other business operations.

Josh Wardini

Product Design

Nikola Peskir

Product Development

Josh started building his experience in all things Internet since the beginning of 2000. A novice but aspiring developer, he lives and breathes SEO and loves to explore how the World Wide Web works.

Nikola a developer with a perpetual interest in Data Science. Python and at scale web crawling are the two things that catch his interest the most. He’s always keeping track of new and emerging technologies as well as innovative ways to produce code.

They share a tremendous passion for ambitiously aiming to rank 1 for competitive keywords in google.  Driven from their vision of mastering SEO and in line with modern tactics and needs, they have developed a one-stop rank tracking tool which you now have the opportunity to benefit from as well!

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