Keyword Checks Status Monitor

Track the rank checking progress in real time and see how many keywords (in %) are in the queue waiting to be checked and how many are already being processed.

Processed keywords in the last 24 hours

Checking - 0% Updating - 2.69% Updated - 97.31%
Execution Time for Updating Queries - 114 min

Checking status means that the keywords have been sent to the engine side to get running results and the application is waiting for a response.


Updating status means that the engine side obtained results for the keywords and the results are being processed on the application side.


Updated status means that the keywords have been updated and you can see current ranking results for your keywords.

Past Incidents

Jan 19, 2022

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Jan 18, 2022

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Jan 17, 2022

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Jan 16, 2022

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Jan 15, 2022

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Jan 14, 2022

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Jan 13, 2022

SerpWatch will work on scaling the backend infrastructure

Scheduled - SerpWatch will work on scaling the backend infrastructure on January 13, 2022. Everything should be working as normal but if you notice any issues, please contact us at [email protected] Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Jan 13, 2022 12:00 am
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What is a queue?

When you add new keywords to the project, the application sends a request to the engine to get results. It usually takes seconds to get the results back. However, in case the queue is overloaded with requests, it might take longer. You can check the workload status on the progress bar at the top of the page.

What is an engine?

We built our own engine to retrieve ranking results. When your keyword table shows “checking” status, it means that our engine is in the process of obtaining results.

What does "Canceled" status mean?

Canceled status means the keyword is no longer being updated because you have exceeded your keyword check limit. If you go over your keyword check limit, you can upgrade your plan and the change will take effect immediately.


The other option is to update your project settings in order to reduce the number of keyword checks you’re spending (you can do this by decreasing keyword check frequency, removing a tracking location, search engine, or device, deleting a competitor, etc. Check the SerpWatch Pricing Model doc for more information).

What is an on-demand keyword check?

SerpWatch checks your keywords at the frequency you specify (monthly, weekly, every 3 days, daily, every 12 hours, 6 hours, 2 hours, and hourly). However, you can also manually refresh your keyword ranking positions whenever you need it.
On-demand keyword updates will reduce available keyword checks based on the number of keywords you manually update. Once you trigger the manual update of the selected keywords, these keywords will be updated twice – at the time of the on-demand update and at the scheduled time.
Check the On-demand Keyword Ranking Updates guide for more information.

ranking updates

How long does it take to update my keywords?

Newly added keywords usually take several minutes to update.