How to Spy With the SerpWatch SEO Competitor Rank Tracker

Posted by Nazar Ivaniv
SerpWatch SEO Competitor Rank Tracker

To spy or not to spy, that is the question.

In your use of SEO tools, are you focused solely on your website, or do you turn the periscope to your competitors as well?

Guess it all depends on how much attention you pay on ranking well against your fiercest competition.

If you are looking for an advanced SEO competitor rank tracker—one that is able to give you precise and dependable information on where you stand on the market—you’ve found it in SerpWatch.

Not only are you able to get accurate ranking information on your own domain (or your client’s if you are a marketing agency), but you will also get a clear picture of your position in SERPs for particular keywords you are tracking.

Continue reading to see how SerpWatch can help you.

SerpWatch’s Competition Rank Tracker

As a truly valuable SERP monitoring tool, SerpWatch has incorporated the feature that allows users to follow the rankings of their competitors.

You can access it by going to any of your projects in SerpWatch and selecting the keyword for which you want to check out the competition.

SerpWatch SEO Competitor Rank Tracker

This will lead you to that keyword’s overview, where you have an array of charts with information about your tracked keywords. To check your SERP competition, choose the Competitors chart in the graph lineup.

SerpWatch Keyword Overview Competitor Chart

Upon taking the first look at the chart, you will see that SerpWatch has already pinpointed your biggest competitors and gathered information about them.

SerpWatch Keyword Competitor Chart

From here, you have quite a few options in terms of how you want this information displayed.

Ranking Time Frame

The default time period for which you get information is one month. However, if you want the flexibility to check your competitor SEO tracking results for a particular time frame, you can choose between a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly view, as well as from the very moment you added this particular keyword for tracking.

It’s all in the top left corner.

SerpWatch Competitors Chart Choose Time Frame

You can also choose a custom time period for which you want to see the data. You can simply change it in the top right corner by opening the date picker and selecting the time frame you have in mind.

SerpWatch Competitor Chart Choose Custom Time Frame

Ranking Positions

Another option in SerpWatch’s SEO competitor rank tracker you have is to change the position range via the zooming option right above the graph.

If all your competitors are concentrated in the top results, then you’ll better distinguish them from each other by choosing to see only the first 10 positions. However, if your competition is scattered across the first 100 positions, you can select a view that allows you to check out the first 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 ranking positions.

SerpWatch Competitors Position Range

Competitor Choice

To help you get a better feel of your SERP competitors ranking, you can also make a selection of the business rivals you want or don’t want to see in this chart.

On the one hand, you can add more competitor domains to track in SerpWatch. The option is above the chart.

SerpWatch Add Competitor

If you want to lower the number of competitor domains you see in this chart by your favorite SEO competitor rank tracker, you can filter the unwanted ones via the option directly under.

Note that if you choose to filter out some of your competitors from the chart, you won’t stop monitoring them, you will only stop seeing results for their domain until you decide you want to see them again.

SerpWatch Competitor Number on Graph

This may come in handy if you don’t intend to monitor some of the competitors we’ve selected for you or if you just need a cleaner look.

Why You Need an SEO Competitor Rank Tracker

One of the first steps in competition research is identifying your SEO competitors via the keywords they utilize to effectively position their brand or products. However, examining a large volume of keywords to find the ones that allow you to do the same is a tedious task—one that should be automated as much as possible.

No one likes pouring days into numbers and perhaps still not get a clear picture of their position, right?

That’s where a useful competition rank tracker comes onto the scene.

SerpWatch gives a clear view of your competitor rankings for the same keywords you use in your SEO efforts. This gives you an insight into whether you should (and ultimately if you can) change your tactics when it comes to ranking better than the competition.

For example, you may choose to cut loose some of the keywords you don’t want to track anymore because your SERP competitors are ranking far better for them than you, or focus more on others because you feel they have the most potential in the future for your brand.

All the data you get from SerpWatch is easily comprehensible and easy to use, so all you have to do is create a project, add keywords, and check out what the competition is doing.

Or in case you come up with more competitors you wish to monitor, you can always add them manually into the tool and check more of your SERP competition anytime.

Also, upon adding a competitor, you get instant results! There’s no waiting around, as there’s no time to lose.

You will always get the average competitor position for the keyword you are monitoring, but that will definitely be a huge help in adjusting your SEO strategy in regard to what your competition is doing.

With SerpWatch, you can easily and productively monitor your fiercest competitors—and that’s precisely why you will benefit immensely from a capable SEO competitor rank tracker such as SerpWatch.

So what are you waiting for?

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