Top 10 Best SEO Report Templates for Agencies

Posted by Nazar Ivaniv

Are you looking for a professional and easily customizable SEO report template?

Keeping your clients up to date with regular reports is a must for every SEO agency.

SEO reporting is one of the best ways to prove your value to clients and build brand trust.

However, creating your own reports from scratch is time-consuming. Plus, it’s not always easy to decide what SEO metrics to include in the report.

This is why I picked the top 10 best SEO report templates for agencies that you can download and tailor to your clients’ needs. 

1. Ahrefs SEO Report 

You can’t go wrong with this customizable SEO report Ahrefs. 

The report covers all important SEO metrics that clients care about. 

It’s easy to understand so you won’t have to spend any extra time explaining to clients how to read the data.

In addition, Ahrefs SEO report template is highly customizable. 

For example, you can change the color scheme and add your branding.

Also, you can modify the slides according to your client’s needs (e.g. for clients with local businesses, you can add Local Map Pack tracking).    

ahrefs seo report template

What’s in the report:   

  • Highlights (a summary of your monthly SEO achievements)
  • SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Organic traffic metrics (e.g. ranking progress per keyword, money keywords ranking overview, etc.)
  • Backlink growth
  • SEO health overview 
  • A to-do list for next month

Download report template: Ahrefs SEO Report

2. Backlinko Monthly SEO Report

Far too many agencies fill their reports with piles of data and end up confusing their clients. 

And if you confuse your clients, they’ll lose trust and go to someone else who can show them results in a clear way. 

This is where Backlinko’s monthly SEO report template can help.

This is a straightforward report that clearly demonstrates the results of your work.

What makes Backlinko’s report so effective is that it highlights business results before showing specific SEO metrics. 

Additionally, you can easily customize the report based on what your clients are interested in seeing most. 

backlinko monthly seo report template

What’s in the report: 

  • Organic search performance 
  • Performance summary and progress  
  • Top organic search Keywords
  • Highest-ranking organic search landing pages 
  • Best-ranking keywords for the current month 

Download report template: Backlinko Monthly SEO Report   

3. SEMrush Google Data Studio Ready-to-Use SEO Report

Your clients will take more value from a report that allows them to visualize results than a data-filled report that requires a special degree to read.

SEMrush Google Data Studio SEO report template uses data visualization to showcase SEO results.

This customizable report is made of three pages.

The first page requires access to Google Analytics, while the second and third show Search Console and SEMrush data.

semrush seo report template

What’s in the report:  

  • Organic traffic overview
  • SEO traffic conversions
  • Comparison of organic traffic to other channels (e.g. Direct, Referral, Paid, etc.)
  • SERP visibility (average position, site CTR, clicks, and impressions)
  • Position breakdown within Top 100 in search results
  • Backlink profile (types of backlinks, authority score, new and lost backlinks) 
  • Technical SEO health (e.g. errors, warnings, and improvement suggestions)

Download report template: SEMrush Google Data Studio Ready-to-Use SEO Report   

The link building report from Agency Analytics puts the results of your link-building work into focus. 

This report is comprehensive enough to give clients a thorough overview of their link building profile. But you can also easily customize it based on individual clients’ needs.

agency analytics monthly link building seo report template

What’s in the report: 

  • SEO report summary 
  • Google Analytics organic search metrics for each keyword
  • Goals for organic traffic ( completions, value, and conversion rate).
  • Landing pages overview
  • Rankings (Google and Bing)
  • Summary of all backlinks
  • Summary of new backlinks
  • Latest site audit test 

Download report template: Agency Analytics Monthly Link Building Report

NOTE: You can use the template in Agency Analytics with a 14-day free trial

 5. Moz SEO Competitor Analysis Report 

Competitive analysis is an essential part of every SEO strategy.

But maybe you’re not sure what exactly to include in the competitive analysis report. Well, Moz’s SEO competitor analysis report template is an excellent starting point.

moz competitor analysis seo report template

What’s in the report:

  • Instructions on how to use and modify the report
  • Competitors 
  • Keyword gap analysis  
  • Top content 
  • Link gap analysis 
  • SERP analysis 

Download report template: Moz SEO Competitor Analysis Report 

6. What Is SEO? And Why Do I Need It? Moz Client Education Report

If you’ve just taken on a new client and you dont’ know how to explain SEO to them, Moz’s client education report is your life-saver. 

This editable Google Slides template explains the value of SEO in a way that will help clients understand exactly what they’re paying you to do.

moz client education seo report template

What’s in the report:

  • Introduction – What is SEO and why do I need it?
  • What makes SEO so difficult?
  • Why SEO is unique?
  • How does SEO support my marketing efforts?
  • What am I paying for?
  • Does SEO make me money?
  • What are some red flags I should watch out for?
  • Why is hiring an SEO agency a good idea?  

Download report template: Moz Client Education Report

7.  SEOptimer SEO Website Report 

Performing regular SEO audits for your client’s website(s) is a necessary part of SEO work. 

Running a detailed audit on a website and reporting the results back shows clients you are taking proactive steps to keep their website on the right track. 

SEO website report from SEOptimer grades the website on all the important SEO points. This includes on-page optimization, usability, performance, social, and security. 

seoptimer seo report template

What’s in the report:

  • The overall SEO audit grade
  • Body content analysis
  • Link profile
  • Indexing 
  • Other tests (robots.txt, XML sitemaps, analytics, structured data)
  • Device usability and page speed
  • Social score
  • Security check-up
  • Recommendations and priorities for each SEO point  

Download report template: SEOptimer SEO Website Report

The best thing about SEO report templates like the one from Link Assistant is that they’re super easy to read.

You can use this report whenever your clients need a quick overview of their search engine ranking progress.

link assistant ranking summary seo report template

What’s in the report:

  • Comparison of domain visibility across Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Domain visibility for each search engine 
  • The number of keywords ranking in #1, Top 10, and Top 50
  • List of keywords not in the Top 50
  • Information about keywords that have moved up or down
  • All the keywords ranking in search for SERP features (Places, Images, Videos, News, and Shopping)

Download report template: Link Assistant Ranking Summary SEO Report 

9.  Swydo Monthly SEO Report

This all-in-one customizable monthly SEO report from Swydo is guaranteed to impress your clients. 

It combines data from different tools to provide a comprehensive view of a website’s performance. 

swydo monthly seo report template

What’s in the report:

  • Google Search Console data (Impressions, CTR, Clicks)
  • Top keywords and top pages
  • Website organic performance
  • Monthly results and weekly performance
  • New visitors and conversions
  • Ecommerce product performance
  • Device category performance
  • Channel grouping performance (goal completions and revenue)
  • Landing page performance
  • Historical table (past 6 months)

Download report template: Swydo Monthly SEO Report

10. Supermetrics Google Analytics and Search Console Report 

This SEO report template from Supermetrics combines essential metrics from Google Analytics and Search Console. 

Use this report template to quickly showcase your performance results to clients on an as-needed basis.

supermetrics google analytics and search console seo report template

What’s in the report:

  • The total number of users
  • Number of new users
  • Bounce rate (total and for individual channels)
  • Sessions per channel (Paid, Organic, Direct, Referral, Email)
  • Grand total of sessions
  • Transaction revenue, and conversion rates for each channel
  • Users, pageviews, entrances, and bounce rate for individual pages + grand total
  • Average page views per session
  • Average session length

Download report template: Supermetrics Google Analytics and Search Console Report


To sum up, one of your best ways to show clients your work is producing results is to send them SEO reports tailored to their business needs.

As an SEO agency, one of your main goals is to deliver real results to your clients.

But your clients aren’t interested in shiny numbers if they can’t understand how those numbers translate into business growth.

So swipe one of these SEO report templates from the list and customize them based on your clients’ goals.

These report templates will help you quickly prove your agency value and build better client relationships. 

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