Report Builder

Automate relationship maintenance with Clients and Stakeholders

Quickly build beautiful, easy-to-interpret, branded reports.

Build and Batch Reporting

Quickly and easily setup the projects and keywords you want to report on.

Report to whoever needs to know

Choose your recipient list from the project setup and keep multiple people informed.

On-Demand Reporting

Need to generate an instant SEO report for a quick internal meeting or client presentation?

Use our SEO report generator tool to create & download reports on the go, or share them via a link for easy collaboration. Use one of the best client reporting tools and keep everyone informed about the project’s progress.

Custom Agency Branding

Create a unified brand experience with branded reports and customizable client management dashboard.

Branded Reports

Put your brand at the forefront – customize client reports with your logo and brand colors to improve brand recall, build authority, and take charge of your professional reputation.

Client Management Portals

Nothing wins a client’s trust more than transparency. With SerpWatch, you can give your clients access to white-label portals so they can log in and monitor their reports 24/7.

Client Portals are hosted on your own domain and all communication, including notifications, will be delivered to clients from your email address.

Automated Report Scheduling

Facilitate continuous education and garner regular feedback by sending automatic progress reports

Schedule & Forget

Save yourself from the end-of-month scramble and automate non-value-adding admin work.

Schedule reports for the time and date that suits you and specify the recipients. SerpWatch will unfailingly deliver them on your schedule and desired frequency, which can be anything from daily to quarterly.

Drag and Drop Report Builder

Have complete control over your SEO reporting tool so you never put a foot wrong when it comes to managing client expectations.

Build your own reports and include only data that is required – export them in CSV or PDF, or simply share via a quick view-only link for faster collaboration.

You spend hours creating reports and your clients are still not impressed.

Generic SEO report template doesn't communicate your value. Once communication fails, your client relationship is doomed.

You spend hours manually stitching reports? You’re buried in spreadsheets? There’s a better way.

Confuse the client and they will lose trust. Show them the metrics they care about and they’re yours for life.

Show, Don’t Tell: Prove Your Value with the Right Data

Keep existing clients and win new ones with a transparent and result-oriented SEO reporting solution
that showcases the impact of your SEO efforts and justifies your agency’s value.

Sustain growth with data-rich reports

Create reports that accurately reflect keyword ranking to make sure your SEO campaign is going in the right direction. Use reports to track your progress and keep everyone in your team updated.

Make sense of data and turn it into profit

Use reports to easily track which product categories are performing well and identify the ones with higher demand. Custom SEO reports will help you and your team strategize better and decide which keywords need a paid boost and which ones are doing well organically.

Save 30+ Hours a Week and Build Customer Loyalty with SerpWatch Reporting


“Not having to manually create spreadsheets, saved us close to 32 hours a week. We now just drag and drop metrics into the editor and reports are automatically delivered to all our 73 clients.”

Nikola Djordjevic

Project Manager,

“I’ve been using SerpWatch on a daily basis and I’m impressed with the results. The tool makes the complexity of SERPs easier to understand with an intuitive UI. The support is very responsive and treats new clients with kindness. I’m very excited about the upcoming features in 2021. Many thanks to SerpWatch team for all their wonderful work.”

Philippe Ruaudel Computer Science Specialist and SciFi Writer at MarKind

“The UX/UI is exceptional which is a selling point these days. SerpWatch combines both functionality and user-experience backed with a great support team.”

Emad Alghamdi Technology Capex & Opex Manager at STC

“As an SEO Specialist, I am enjoying the simplicity of this tool and its interface. It offers some really great features, and it is fantastic to see which keywords are showing in different SERP features on Google.”

Angie Neal WordPress & SEO Specialist at PurpleCow Digital Marketing

“Extremely satisfied! The support team was quick to help me with all queries. The software works really well. I'm able to offer my clients a white-labelled experience without paying hundreds of pounds per month. I'm also able to send each client an automated weekly keyword rank tracking report, which is a great way to keep my clients updated. ”

Glenn Freeman WordPress Developer at Niche Web Services

“Keyword tracking tools are becoming more and more expensive these days. SerpWatch was super easy to set up, and it is perfect for keyword tracking. The dashboard includes everything you need for this task.”

Helmuts Meskonis Web Specialist and Founder of HostMaria

“If there is one thing that remains the same about SEO, it's that everything about it is constantly changing. I swear by the real-time notification updates I receive, helping me take action if and whenever needed!”

Hristina Nikolovska Head of Marketing at C-LeanRank, Sofia

“As someone who has recently stepped into the world of SEO, I have tried every keyword rank tracker tool out there. SerpWatch, however, is by far the most intuitive and user-friendly tool of its kind and I'm definitely sticking with it.”

Tony Arevalo Co-founder of, car insurance review site

“There is an app for it all nowadays, and SerpWatch plays well with them all. The flawless app integration of this rank tracker has made monitoring project success significantly easier.”

Muninder Adavelli SEO Strategist at NicheStack

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