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Track your organic progress, enable mobile rank tracking, and build impressive reports with SerpWatch’s SEO rank tracking tool.

Attributing rank movements without rank tracking software can be extremely difficult.

According to Google, in most cases, SEO experts need between four months and a year to help a business implement improvements on its site and see potential benefits.

Additionally, the influence of various external factors, seasonality, non-SEO campaigns, out-of-scope keywords, etc. makes it extremely difficult to capture the impact of your SEO efforts effectively.

Nevertheless, clients and management want results, but since there is no simple way to provide them, it becomes hard to manage their expectations.

At SerpWatch, our goal is to provide you with the best SEO rank tracker to effectively measure the impact of your SEO efforts.


“With SerpWatch, we could accurately pinpoint which SEO campaigns impacted the traffic and revenue for our business.”

Darko Jacimovic

Founder, WhatToBecome.com

Keyword Rank Tracker

Track your organic progress and discover untapped opportunities

Powerful Keyword Rank Tracking Filters

Track only what matters to your business so that the most critical insights don’t slip through the cracks.

  • Access keyword rank monitoring on mobile or desktop to ensure you have a grip on your most profitable channel.
  • Compare your website’s ranking on multiple search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, YouTube, and others.

Historic SERP Features

Get the complete picture of your organic rankings by tracking SERP features, besides the obvious traditional rankings.

SerpWatch shows you exactly which keyword is triggering rich snippets for various SERP features:

  • Featured Snippets
  • Google Review
  • Image Pack
  • Knowledge Graph
  • People Also Ask
  • Answer Box
  • Video Pack

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Data accuracy at heart

We take pride in being the industry’s most accurate rank tracker as we cross-reference everything and also provide you with verifiable proof. 

Our engine cross-checks the pulled rank data for your keywords via multiple methods to ensure its accuracy. Even then you shouldn’t take it at face value, so we also provide screenshots of search results for you to cross-check the rankings on your report.

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Proactive Monitoring Features

Be on top of your keyword rankings 24/7

Advanced SEO Reporting

Save yourself from the month-end scramble of building manual reports with rich reports generated automatically and delivered to your inbox monthly, weekly, or even daily, based on your preferred cadence.

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Never let your organic traffic slack by being on top of your keyword rankings and getting notified of any sudden fluctuations via email, Slack, push notifications, or the channel of your choice.

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Organic Health Summary

Get a holistic overview of your organic health by looking at automatically generated aggregated data, like the average ranking of all tracked keywords, categorical ranking of tagged keywords, ranking of your most commercially valuable keywords, and other similar criteria.

SerpWatch Insights

SerpWatch brings you all the tools to understand the WHY and address the HOW behind keyword rankings.

Make data-backed decisions

SerpWatch’s proprietory Intelligence Hub brings all your key SEO data and web performance metrics under the same hood so that you can understand the impact and ROI of your SEO campaigns and run data correlations to understand what’s working and what’s not.

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Google Algorithm Updates

SerpWatch brings you a curated news feed of all Google algorithm updates to your timeline so that you can stay updated with rank changes.

It also assesses Google’s algorithm changes so that you can seize the opportunity and pull ahead of your organic competitors.

Timeline Notes

Easily add quick notes to your ranking timeline about website changes, marketing campaigns, etc., to have more context during analysis.

This way, you can see exactly which of your efforts paid off and repeat the ones that got you the results.

Gain your clients trust

SerpWatch is the industry’s only verifiable rank tracking platform that captures screenshots of a website’s position for every tracked keyword. As a result, you can append your reports with viable proof and gain your client’s trust.

Drive recurring new users

With SerpWatch, you can accurately pinpoint which of your campaigns caused a positive impact and which were inconsequential.

As a result, you can double down on what has worked and turn your content hub into a lead engine for your SaaS business.

Avoid Duplication & Cannibalisation

If you are running an online ecommerce store, it is most likely that you have multiple product pages, some of which are in the same niche. In such cases, if you are not careful enough, there is a high probability that multiple pages on your site can end up competing for the same focus keyword.

This is undesirable for ranking, as Google might flag these pages for duplicate content, and neither is it good for user experience.

SerpWatch automatically detects cannibalization and notifies you so that you can address it.

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