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Centralize. Visualize. Analyze.

Tracking your keyword rank alone doesn't tell you the entire story.

Get the full picture

Rankings are not the only consideration to drive more business.

Increased traffic, improved CTR, algorithm updates and many more variables are all factors that increase revenue.

Centralize SEO data sources

Scattered SEO data is confusing.
No more tab hopping or waiting on Spreadsheet Gurus to be in the know.

Quickly bring SEO metrics into Intelligence Hub to visualize.

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console
  • Average Graph and SW Score
  • SERP Features
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Cannibalization detection
  • more coming soon

See Data Sources more

Visualize like a data scientist

… but without the 6 year degree

With cross platform search data visualized in one place you’re ready to begin analyzing relationships in your SEO data.

Analyze Relationships between SEO metrics

Uncover what’s working and what’s not
Trace wins and losses back to their root cause so future decisions are fully informed and data driven.

Monitor Search Campaign Health

Get the 10,000 foot view.
Overlay the average graph with SW score.

Assign weights to keywords you care about most and SW score will adjust the average graph accordingly.

Get granular
You can graph up to 5 individual keywords at a time. Great for keyword clusters or watching multiple competitors.

in other words…
Boost SEO with Data Driven Insights

Compare all types of data side-by-side to uncover insights and make data-backed decisions.

Slice and Dice your Data

Compare SEO Data Sources

SEO factors work together to drive more visitors to your site. Monitor data source relationships to answer important questions.

  • How did upward movements for a few keywords affect general traffic?
  • Is our recent traffic boost having an effect on revenue?
  • Our rankings went down but our traffic went up?
  • Is the improved click through rate having an effect on rankings?
  • Was the Google algo update the reason for an increase in rankings?

Drill down to the exact information you need

You have SEO questions, SerpWatch has answers.

SerpWatch makes it easy to deep dive when you have specific questions.

Use many kinds of filtration to narrow the scope of your chart visualizations.

  • Tag and Filter across projects into one dash
  • Filter keywords by table headers spreadsheet style
  • Search for a specific word to filter within keywords

Timeline Markers

Know what happened when

At a glance

With timeline markers you can get a quick view of significant historical events.

  • Reported and confirmed Google algorithm updates
  • Cannibalization detection: Pages fighting for the same keyword
  • Notes. Colored coded for project or keyword level

More info is a click away

  • Figure out which keywords are being cannabilized
  • Educate about recent Google algorithm updates that may have affected rankings
  • View your notes from both the project and keyword level.

… all without navigating away

Case Studies

Reverse Engineered Rankings

As an affiliate marketer generating my livelihood from organic traffic I feel it hard when my keywords take a nose dive.

After receiving an alert from SerpWatch that an important keyword tanked I had a lot of investigation to do.

I jumped into intelligence hub to cross-check everything.

Was it an algo update? Did I lose my SERP feature standings? Had all the new content I just uploaded somehow cannibalized my money keyword?

Turns out after looking at all angles of the problem it did relate to a recent algorithm update. Luckily after I optimized the page a bit and monitored for the next 30 days, rankings returned.

Without SerpWatch I would have had a hard time getting to the bottom of this issue so quickly.


Miloš Djordjevic

Founder |

So many keywords, so little time

I have TON of keywords to track and very little time to monitor keyword by keyword on a daily basis. I always relied on the average graph of my other tools to get a full overview.

However I track a lot of keywords of secondary importance and they can skew my trend line.

SW score gave me a customizable average graph. I simply set certain keywords to higher importance and de-prioritized others. Setup was a one time deal – now I have a customized average graph reflecting MY SEO objectives.


Maria Martin

Content Manager |

Saving on ad spend

I run client SEO sites and also have a few of my own projects. I had been investing in advertisements and SEO to drive traffic to my site.

Thanks to the revenue graph in SerpWatch it started becoming very clear that my SEO investments were outpacing my ad spend.

Last month I completely cut ads all together. My ROI on oragnic traffic is almost 4x that of ad spend and requires much less maintenance.

That’s not all – I pitched this story to my client base and was immediately able to upsell my SEO service offering.


Ana Djurovic

Content Manager |

Everything SEO together

Honestly I’m far from a senior SEO guy but I am getting a grasp on everything that matters to rank higher.

The amount of data you have to watch is INSANE. SerpWatch definitely makes it more manageable to maintain overview and find issues by having everything in one place.

The amount of browser tabs I had to open before was scaring my wife haha.


Bojana Petkovic

Project Manager,

A/B testing Titles and Meta Descriptions

I’ve been at this for quite some time and one of the easiest hacks I have found is to improve my title and meta description frequently. The improved click through rate shows Google your users are engaged right in the search results.

With SerpWatch I can track my click through rate side by side with my rankings for a particular keyword. It’s a great way to know if my optimizations actually helped or hurt my rankings.

I also take a note on the change data just to have a little extra information to reference!


Aleksandar Hrubenja

Project Manager, Modern Gentlemen 2Date4Love

“I’ve been using SerpWatch on a daily basis and I’m impressed with the results. The tool makes the complexity of SERPs easier to understand with an intuitive UI. The support is very responsive and treats new clients with kindness. I’m very excited about the upcoming features in 2021. Many thanks to SerpWatch team for all their wonderful work.”

Philippe Ruaudel Computer Science Specialist and SciFi Writer at MarKind

“The UX/UI is exceptional which is a selling point these days. SerpWatch combines both functionality and user-experience backed with a great support team.”

Emad Alghamdi Technology Capex & Opex Manager at STC

“As an SEO Specialist, I am enjoying the simplicity of this tool and its interface. It offers some really great features, and it is fantastic to see which keywords are showing in different SERP features on Google.”

Angie Neal WordPress & SEO Specialist at PurpleCow Digital Marketing

“Extremely satisfied! The support team was quick to help me with all queries. The software works really well. I'm able to offer my clients a white-labelled experience without paying hundreds of pounds per month. I'm also able to send each client an automated weekly keyword rank tracking report, which is a great way to keep my clients updated. ”

Glenn Freeman WordPress Developer at Niche Web Services

“Keyword tracking tools are becoming more and more expensive these days. SerpWatch was super easy to set up, and it is perfect for keyword tracking. The dashboard includes everything you need for this task.”

Helmuts Meskonis Web Specialist and Founder of HostMaria

“If there is one thing that remains the same about SEO, it's that everything about it is constantly changing. I swear by the real-time notification updates I receive, helping me take action if and whenever needed!”

Hristina Nikolovska Head of Marketing at C-LeanRank, Sofia

“As someone who has recently stepped into the world of SEO, I have tried every keyword rank tracker tool out there. SerpWatch, however, is by far the most intuitive and user-friendly tool of its kind and I'm definitely sticking with it.”

Tony Arevalo Co-founder of, car insurance review site

“There is an app for it all nowadays, and SerpWatch plays well with them all. The flawless app integration of this rank tracker has made monitoring project success significantly easier.”

Muninder Adavelli SEO Strategist at NicheStack

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