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Let the buyers find you online by using a localized SEO rank tracker. Get more store visits and phone inquiries to capture new local customers.

As consumers’ priorities evolve, your online presence can be your competitive edge.

50% of people who did a local search on their phone visited a physical store the following day. That's why a local SEO tool is a must-have.

60% of American adults conduct searches for local services or product information on tablets and smartphones.

78% of local searches on a mobile device end in offline purchases.

With SerpWatch, you can accurately check local rankings on Google’s search results and find ways to drive more foot traffic from online searches.


“SerpWatch helped me optimize my website to rank higher for searches happening near my store resulting in almost a 30% increase in store visits.”

Marina Avramović

Co-Founder, cannabisoffers.net

Rank Tracking for Local Keywords

SerpWatch supports over 100,000 geolocations so that you can track your domain’s ranking at a city, neighborhood, and even zip code level.

Key Insights

Use our local rank tracking feature to uncover the finest details of your search rankings and focus your efforts on optimizations that will impact store visits and customer inquiries.

  • Device Filters: Track your domain’s ranking on mobile and desktop
  • Competitor Tracking: Monitor competitors’ ranking for your most valuable keywords
  • Keyword Tags: Look at aggregate performance of keyword groups for similar products & services

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Google Map Pack

Track Google Map Pack to see if your Google My Business listing ranks in the Top 3 Google Local results. 

See what your customers see – find out how visible you are in a specific area and develop a targeted approach to drive more foot traffic and stay ahead of local competitors.

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