What’s New in SerpWatch? Local Tracking & More

Posted by Nazar Ivaniv
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New Features

Precision tracking without local keywords? Impossible.

SERPs are all about search intent and result relevancy and the more closely a business relates to the search query, the more relevant the results.

If you own a highly localized business or your marketing agency is working with one, local tracking is a must.

Tracking local keywords can help you understand your website’s local search performance and tap into potential opportunities for growth.

This is why SerpWatch just introduced a new BETA feature for local tracking that benefits:

  • Brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Niche marketers
  • Anyone else who wants to track their keywords’ performance for a specific area.

Local Tracking

Precision tracking and data accuracy are what sets SerpWatch rank tracker apart from the competitors.

Besides our unique system that allows you to verify all ranking data, you can also improve data relevancy by tracking local keywords.

SerpWatch allows you to track local keywords based on zip code, city, and state.

Local tracking feature is available in both New Project and Edit Project setup. Check out this guide to learn more about it!

Assign Projects to Clients

As SerpWatch is the only rank tracker on the market to offer a full white-label feature set, we take feedback from our agency clients extremely seriously.

Case in point: we’ve just implemented another highly requested client management feature.

The new feature allows agency owners to assign projects to their clients directly from the main dashboard.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The agency owner clicks the button next to the project which pops up a modal with the list of clients:
  2. The agency selects the client they want to assign the project to:
  3. The project is moved to the client’s portal:


SerpWatch allows customers to provide feedback across different channels which helps us understand our users’ needs and priorities.

This is also what makes SerpWatch unique in terms of our ability to grow and evolve with our SEO clients who themselves need to constantly adapt to Google’s changing algorithms.

Here’s a brief recap of recent improvements and fixes we have implemented following valuable customer feedback.


  • Improved UX for Keyword Suggestions
  • Introduced more languages for PDF reports
  • Updated automatic scaling for the competitor tracking feature
  • Expanded the choice of languages for domains (Arabic/Cyrillic/Asian)
  • Improved PDF reports for projects with higher frequencies
  • Introduced the option to report the wrong ranking position from the SERP screenshot
  • Improved the reliability of SV data with local tracking feature
  • Improved ranking chart for Safari browser
  • Improved CSV upload for files with multiple rows
  • Improved UX for filter cards
  • Improved UX for various use cases of invalid keyword input
  • Improved keyword results page
  • Removed community support option for agency clients

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed metrics for Top 10, 30, and 100 on project level
  • Fixed announcements shown to agency clients
  • Fixed “moved-up” filter query on the project and keyword levels
  • Fixed spammy email notifications
  • Fixed agency subdomains/domains being accessed by “/login” page only (the domains are now available at “myagency.serpwatch.io”)
  • Fixed incorrect locations shown in the app

More to Come?

SerpWatch rank tracker boasts a comprehensive set of features and a wide range of white-label options that gives us an edge over the competition.

Besides always keeping an ear out for Google’s ever-changing search formula, SerpWatch is also committed to collecting and analyzing customer feedback.

Informed by our users’ valuable input, the tool will only continue to grow and expand over the coming period so stay tuned for further updates.

Happy tracking!

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