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Posted by Nazar Ivaniv
SerpWatch Agency Rank Tracking FEATURED

When it comes to monitoring SERPs, marketing agencies are picky about their tools.

And why shouldn’t you be? You have every right!

A slew of relevant criteria needs to be fulfilled for a tool to be chosen—data accuracy, numerous metrics, tool scalability and flexibility, handy notification and automation options, excellent support system, affordable and transparent pricing, etc.

As it happens, SerpWatch is one of the rare agency rank tracking tools that check all of these boxes (and many more), which is why it should be your top choice.

Keep on reading to find out how SerpWatch can help you keep an eye on your marketing endeavors and keep clients in the know about all the invested efforts.

It’s never been easier!

Ease of Use

SerpWatch is every bit the modern SERP monitoring tool with a sleek interface and easy-to-get-around design.

Right there on the dashboard, you have a clear overview of general rank tracking information—the number of projects and keywords tracked, as well as your keyword movements.

Below is the project overview, with more information and options that allow you to survey the biggest changes to your projects, and if need be, check out each project individually.

Moreover, if a particular keyword behavior interests you, a pretty detailed, but easily comprehensive information overlay is one click away. This makes rank tracking for your agency simple and practically effortless.

Even though SerpWatch prides itself with clear design, it also gives you a lot of liberty in terms of data organization. You can highlight your most important keywords and use tags to correlate keywords from different projects. That option has proven to be quite useful, especially when it comes to marketing agencies with a number of clients and comparing their results.

Diversity in SERP Data and Metrics

What you also need to pay attention to when choosing a rank tracker is that it can provide the array of data you need—desktop and mobile rankings, global and local coverage, and historical data.

Mobile and Desktop SERPs

With over 52% of web traffic originating from mobile devices, mobile rankings have become essential for any serious SEO dealings.

Not only are mobile SERPs important in the great scheme of tracking keyword rank, but it should be your goal to be on the top in this field in order to see a positive effect on your business.

Hence, your next agency rank tracking tool must be able to monitor both desktop and mobile rank of your keywords, as well as have a platform that allows access from both types of devices.

SerpWatch can do both masterfully!

SerpWatch Mobile Rankings

Global and Local Rankings

Important question—where are your clients from?

Not every agency practices to gather clients from different parts of the world—the majority chooses to stick to those that are close to home.

The bad news is that each business practice has its own set of advantages and challenges.

The good news, however, is that SerpWatch—as a proper agency rank tracker—has taken both into account and offers relevant solutions for both scenarios.

Global Ranking Features

Those marketing agencies that deal with different markets need a tool that is able to first gather the necessary information and then display it in such a way you can actually understand and promptly act on the information.

For clients located all around the world, it’s crucial to have access to accurate global rankings. Few and apart are rank trackers that cover almost every country in the world, but SerpWatch is one of them.

That’s why SerpWatch supports multiple search engines for monitoring rankings —Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex—which provides a much more rounded insight than just one, especially together with the option to compare results from each.

Not only that, but there is a wide variety of language choices SerpWatch offers for tracking keywords. What is more, unlike Moz, for example, the SerpWatch SEO agency software allows users to choose the region and language they wish to track their keywords separately one from the other.

SerpWatch Global Rankings Language

Local Rankings

Conversely, for the agencies with a localized group of clients—those are usually brick-and-mortar shops—having access to very precise ranking data can sometimes determine the quality of work for such clients.

That’s where SerpWatch comes in handy, as this has not been overlooked by our team.

Not only can SerpWatch provide accurate agency rank tracking results on a country or state level, but we aim to go even deeper by providing city-specific data, precise down to the block, or even one street.

Reaching local (i.e., your long-term and most faithful) customers is easier with the crystal-clear insights you get from SerpWatch.

How cool is that? ????

In terms of rank tracking for local businesses, particularly interesting is the variety of specific search engine indexes to pay attention to in terms of high-value ranking opportunities, like Google.com, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google News, etc.

SerpWatch Global Rankings Location and Search Engines

Historical Ranking Data

One more thing—how do you feel about having uninterrupted access to your rankings data from the moment you create each of your projects?

There are no restrictions based on the subscription plan, no additional costs for retrieving data after a certain period, and no hassle whatsoever.

Moreover, SerpWatch displays comprehensive historical data for your agency rank tracking. You get to see more than just a tabular view of your rankings, but also a variety of charts—Ranking, Revenue, Featured Snippets, and Google Analytics.

SerpWatch Revenue Graph

This way, you can visually track ranking fluctuations and how they affect certain aspects of your SEO efforts, see the possible influences on the changes, such as Google algorithm updates, and also add notes for yourself, team members, or clients.

SerpWatch View Note

Tool Flexibility and Scalability

Marketing agencies have a specific set of needs that are, to a degree, dictated by the clients and their relationship and confidence in the agency. That’s why tools like SerpWatch must be ready to satisfy a wide variety of agency SERP tracking requirements, propositions, and the never-ending “Can we do it this way?” questions.

In that sense, regardless of the chosen subscription plan, all SerpWatch users have access to an unlimited number of projects, domains, and reports. What is more, there are no restrictions in terms of how many users can use the app at the same time, unlike Ahrefs, for example.

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve been logged out of a tool in the middle of a session because another user signed in…

By the same token, with the growing list of clients, so must the functional capabilities of the tools they are using.

Hence, it doesn’t pay off to overlook scalability in an SEO agency software when choosing one. With each new client, your demands increase, so you need to make sure the tool can keep up with your growth.

For example, if you need to track more keywords rather suddenly and therefore want to change your subscription plan in the middle of the month, your chosen tool should be able to accommodate you in that sense, just as SerpWatch does.

SerpWatch Change Subscription Plan

Ranking Updates

If you are invested in actionable agency rank tracking, then you want to always be up-to-date with the changes in rankings.

Most similar tools out there are bragging about being better than others by having daily ranking updates. But with up to hourly SERP checks, SerpWatch is definitely the market leader in this respect.

No other similar tool offers such a high check frequency—every 24, 12, six, two, and one hour!

SerpWatch Up to Hourly Check Frequency

Blows your mind, right?

This kind of approach allows SerpWatch’s agency keyword ranking software to always serve fresh information, no matter how volatile your keyword ranking is.

Coupled with completely customizable notifications via Slack and email and Zapier-triggered task automation, this practically real-time insight into SERP fluctuations is worth gold to those who seek to act on the information immediately and stay in the top of search results.

SerpWatch Email Notification Tigger Cookies

White Label

Let’s face it, you’ve invested a lot of time and money to build your brand, and you want your clients to see it whenever they interact with your agency.

Hence, all your tools must reflect that as well, and that’s where the white label feature in SEO software comes into play.

Note that not all trackers offer this option, but SerpWatch does.

Here, agencies are able to create branded SEO reports for their clients and send them directly from the app or schedule sending on a weekly or monthly basis. Reports are fully customizable in terms of covered time frame, format, and keywords.

SerpWatch Report Settings

Also, each agency can create individual Client Portals where the clients have insight into the marketing agency efforts at all times.

Agencies provide their clients with custom links to access their rank tracking projects in SerpWatch and appropriate login information. For now, the Client Portals are hosted on the SerpWatch domain, but the agencies will soon be able to have them on their own.

SerpWatch White Label Agency URL

Easy Onboarding and Support

Together with the ease of use comes the ease of learning how to use SEO tools.

If you’re having trouble understanding where the feature you want is, how to get to the option you need, and why it’s simply impossible to connect a third-party tool, then you should definitely reconsider your choices.

Why use an agency rank tracking tool if it gives you a headache every time you try to do something with it?

There is no need to go through an extensive onboarding process with SerpWatch as it has quite an intuitive user interface, but if you still feel like you want to have a bit of backup while setting up your first projects and going through the settings of specific features, we are always at your disposal.

Moreover, you have your own SerpWatch Helper for guidance and an array of how-to articles in our Knowledge Base to aid you with any rank tracking issues you might encounter.

SerpWatch Helper

But in case you still need help, our customer support is at your service.

Affordable Price

We all know that price matters in all business-related activities.

That’s why, when choosing the right tool, it’s important to make sure your new partner doesn’t take the shirt off your back.

Enter SerpWatch!

This agency rank tracker offers flexible prices to all users. You have the freedom to model the subscription plan you want according to your needs—the number of keywords to track and Client Portals to create. You never have to pay for what you don’t use.

SerpWatch Pricing 10K Keywords

With SerpWatch, you are in complete control over your agency rank tracking resources with a clear picture of your balance at any given time.

At the end of the day, the quality of your work combined with the ROI is what matters for your agency’s survival, and this is exactly where SerpWatch performs at its best.

So don’t miss out! Try SerpWatch today, and track your keyword rankings like a modern SEO professional.

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