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google search statistics

Have you ever wondered how many Google searches there are every day?

Of course, you have! It’s one of the many Google search statistics that are fascinating. If you love SEO statistics, then you’ll want to know the one in the title.

BUT, we are not going to give you only that!

No, we’ll give you a lot more. We’ll give you a bunch of other statistics as well.

If you are a lover of search statistics or any kind of Internet-based statistics, then you’ll love what we have in store for you!

First, let’s take a look at the main culprit of the day:

How many Google searches per day there are?

  • 5.6 billion!

That’s 5,600,000,000, so you can visualize it better, according to the Internet Live Stats. Naturally, you should expect their live counter to show a different number. It all depends on the day and the current hour of the day. But the average number remains 5.6 billion according to the latest estimates at the time of writing the article.

How many google searches per day

Moving on, let’s take a look at some other interesting statistics:

  • The estimates show that there are around 63,000 Google searches per second.
  • That’s 3.8 million per minute and 228 million per hour.
  • Whole years are certainly the most impressive, with the current estimates being about 2 trillion Google searches per year. That’s 2,000,000,000,000!
  • Out of all those billions upon billions of searches every year, around 15% have never been typed into Google before.
  • The average person makes some three or four searches every day. Bear in mind that this is spread out across the globe. So, in reality, it’s likely that some regions, professions, demographics, make a lot more searches on average.

With all these stats behind us, you’re probably wondering about a relatively simple question:

How many google searches have I done?

We can’t give you that answer, but we can tell you that Google certainly can! Just type in your browser and have fun with the detailed history of all your searches until now. You can even take a look at the very first search query you’ve typed.

There’s more:

We also have data on which terms are the most searched on Google at the moment. According to Ahrefs, the most popular keyword is ‘facebook’, which certainly isn’t surprising.

Then come:

  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Gmail
  • Google
  • eBay
  • Yahoo
  • Weather
  • Craigslist
  • Yahoo mail

Those are the top 10, and you can look at the rest here in more details.

And yes, Yahoo is there twice! We were as surprised as you are right now.

Back to being serious now. If you’re interested in such facts, you can always take a look at some live Google searches as well to find out the current top searches. This particular Google’s website allows you to search for the most popular terms per country, in a specific timeframe, in a category, or per particular type of search.

AS for the US, the most popular search terms in 2018 were:

  • World Cup
  • Avicii
  • Mac Miller
  • Stan Lee
  • Black Panther
  • Meghan Markle
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • XXXTentacion
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Kate Spade

Now that that’s over let’s go into some history.

How Google Search Statistics Changed Over Time

Google started back in 1998, which isn’t a long time ago when you look at it. But it definitely advanced a lot despite the emergence of many alternative search engines.

What do you think, how many searches per day Google had back in those early days?

Only 10,000. Some seven years later, that number of searches was made every second!

About a year after they launched, they started serving some 3.5 million searches daily. And in mid-2000, their numbers rose fivefold – they had around 18 million searches every day.

When they announced their initial public offering, Google had around 200 million queries every single day.

As you probably know, their numbers only continued to grow very fast afterward, adding a hundred or two hundred million searches every year, until they reached the number of Google searches they have today.

Google is not really open with their exact numbers – they usually give estimates. The last time we had a major update with numbers was way back in 2012.

Back then, they stated that their search engine had found 30 trillion unique URLs on the Internet. They also said that they process 100 billion searches every month. That translates to 3.3 billion per day. Remember, this is how many Google searches per day there were only 6 or 7 years ago. The fact that there are 5.6 billion now is truly impressive. That’s some remarkable growth for the world leading tech company.

For Google to be able to facilitate these searches, they need to make around 500 updates to their algorithms every single year.

What’s also interesting is the power that exists in a single search. Each Google query uses around 1,000 computers for about 0.2 seconds to give you that answer you’re looking for.

How many google searches per day - Mac

Getting some numbers on the usage is one thing, but how do people use Google?

First of all, how do people use Google?

It seems that the average user spends an hour, 47 minutes, and 42 seconds on Google every month, which doesn’t seem like a lot. At least until you take into account that people only use Google to reach other websites.

Besides how often people use Google, you are probably wondering how many Google users are there in the world?

There are around 1.17 billion Google users in the world, according to Statista. Unfortunately, these numbers are over five years old as Google is not forthcoming with giving numbers, as we’ve already stated before. The number is thus most likely much higher now.

However, even the old numbers are staggering when compared to the fact that about 55% of the world’s population in the middle of 2018 had internet access. That’s around 4 billion people!

These Google facts show that Google is the most dominant search engine in the world. At that point, the company had a 65.2% share of the world’s entire search volume.

Google’s Share of the Market

We are already well aware the Google is the leading search engine in the world – one that trumps all others by overwhelming amounts. But what exactly is their market share? Let’s take a look at some key Google figures.

According to Statista, Google does indeed boast some unprecedented numbers:

  • As of January 2019, Google’s market share is 89.95%
  • Their market share has been between 86% and 92% for almost an entire decade.
  • The other ‘big’ search engines are Bing, Yahoo, and the Chinese Baidu. Their current market share is 3.99%, 2.84%, and 0.56%, respectively.

These numbers show that a comparison of Google vs. Bing for 2018 and beyond is a completely unfair fight – even though there are those who think these two can be compared. How unfair this ‘fight’ really is can be seen in the fact that when you type SEO in Google, you get around 833 million results. When you do the same in Bing, you only get 16.8 million.

As for the United States only, Google’s dominance is not as overwhelming as it is on the global level, but it’s still massive:

  • As of January 2019, US Google market share is 63% for desktop computers.
  • This dominance hasn’t changed by much in the last 11 years as the percentage has always been between 60% and 68%.
  • Other notable search engine providers are Microsoft Sites, Oath (Yahoo), and Ask Network. Their current market share is 24.5%, 11.5%, and 1%, respectively.

When it comes to the mobile search market in the US – the numbers are entirely different:

  • Google basically holds a monopoly with its 93% search engine market share.
  • When it comes to the paid mobile search click share, Google had a combined share of 68% in the first quarter of 2019. The phone share only is 62%.

These mindboggling numbers bring some massive earnings:

Google has one of the highest tech company revenues – in 2018, it earned around $136.22 billion.

Most of their earnings come from advertising – $116 billion.

They rank first among worldwide internet companies. Their market capitalization sits currently at $510 billion.

All the Google search statistics we’ve seen so far can teach us a lot about the future. Let’s see what the next few years will bring for the tech giant.

How many google searches per day - search

Google Predictions

It’s usually tough to make predictions about Google because they rarely give out much information on which we can base predictions.

The only real prediction we can give is that Google will remain the industry leader. They’ll keep their monopoly on the search engine market unless some major problem occurs for them – which is highly unlikely.

As for some other Google search statistics, there’s not much that we can tell you. We can only say that their numbers are most likely going to go up steadily as they have until now.

There are some other plans we are familiar with. They are not related to any growth or statistics, but they do cover things like https adoption, hacking protection, and more. You can take a look at those in more detail on Search Engine Watch.

If you’re interested in the future of SEO, you can take a look at the detailed post by Neil Patel. It can give you some insight into where Google is heading with SEO.

As for how many Google searches per day there will be in the years that come – no one knows. But they are likely to go well beyond the current number and cross the 6 billion mark relatively soon.

Key Takeaways

So there you have it. We hope that the wide variety of these facts about Google have been interesting to you.

What are the key takeaways of all these Google search statistics?

  • There are 5.6 billion Google searches every day.
  • That’s also 63,000 searches every single second.
  • 15% of all annual Google searches have never been typed before!
  • ‘Facebook’ is the most popular Google search, while ‘World Cup’ was the most popular search query in the US in 2018.
  • Google had to facilitate only 10,000 searches every day back in 1998.
  • As of January 2019, Google’s global market share was 89.95%.

All in all, it’s clear that Google is the industry leader and will remain the dominant force for many years to come. All we can say is that you can freely ignore all other search engines!

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