How I Ranked for Competitive Keywords in 1 Month with SerpWatch [Case Study]

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What I Was Doing Wrong

To give you an idea of just how much difference SerpWatch made in my day-to-day workflow, here’s what my rank tracking strategy used to look like…

Before I discovered SerpWatch, I had to use multiple SEO tools to keep track of my keywords.

I used RankTank’s Keyword Position Checker Tool to monitor my rankings in Google Sheets, SEMrush Position Tracker Tool, and a few others.

But more is not better when it comes to SEO tools for rank tracking.

In fact, it seemed the more tools I used, the less visibility I had over my progress.

The biggest problem with this approach was that it simply wasn’t result-oriented – I had all this data but I didn’t know how to interpret it.

There are so many metrics you need to measure, monitor, and compare when doing SEO, so juggling multiple tools just adds to the confusion.

Not to mention tracking so much data in spreadsheets was extremely time-consuming and tedious!

All these tools I was using for rank tracking were eating into my workday and pulling me in too many directions.

But then I discovered SerpWatch and it honestly took the rank tracking game to the next level.

serpwatch rank tracker

How I Ranked for Competitive Keywords Using SerpWatch

Every website owner has a list of dream keywords they want to rank for.

As for me, I dream big and I had too many lists for one spreadsheet.

Due to my busy schedule and the multiple web projects I was handling, there was just no way to track all my competitive keywords I wanted in one place.

But then I found SerpWatch and I was finally able to add my dream keyword list for each project I wanted to track.

I could now keep track of my rankings in one place and easily monitor the ups and downs over time.

SerpWatch lets you set up rank notifications so every time my rankings plunged, it triggered a position fall alert.

serpwatch rank tracker notifications

This means I was able to react quickly and start looking for the reason behind the change without wasting any time.

And if I’m being totally honest, rank tracking became fun (and it’s not just because I ditched the spreadsheets).

It almost felt like I was playing a game – every SerpWatch notification I got was like a jolt of motivation to either keep going or change gears.

This strategy paid off and I ranked for competitive keywords in just 1 month!

rank tracking keyword position

Regular Email as a Real Timesaver

SerpWatch packs a ton of features, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d go for email notifications.

It’s such a simple but brilliant solution to my main problem – not enough time to check for rank changes on a regular basis.

SerpWatch sends daily email reminders of my rank movements which is a real timesaver.

I don’t even have to open the tool to check my keywords – it’s all right there in my inbox.

The best part about the notification system is that you can customize the alerts and choose where you want to get them.

With Slack Integration it’s even more convenient to stay on top of your rankings because you get notifications about the ups and downs right in your Slack channel.

And there’s nothing like that Big Upswing notification to keep you on your toes and focused on the game.

Bottom Line: Rank Tracker with a Difference

With SerpWatch rank tracker, I can clearly see how my keyword rankings changed over time – something I was never able to do in spreadsheets.

All the rank data I need is in one place which saves me the time and trouble of hopping between multiple tools.

For an even deeper insight, I can connect my Analytics and have all my traffic data inside the rank tracker.

I can also add team members and assign them different tracking projects to increase productivity.

And unlike other rank tracking software I tried, SerpWatch has a comfortable and straightforward UI that makes it easy to monitor rankings and notice changes.

Did I mention it makes rank tracking fun?

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