Keep an eye on algorithm updates Make informed strategic decision

Google’s algorithm updates are notorious for their power to either push a page on top of SERPs or completely wipe it out.

Only watching for changes in ranking position is not enough to win the SEO battle. In fact, the key to a successful ranking strategy is understanding why those changes happen.

Leave it to SerpWatch to guide you!

The only rank tracker on the market to monitor algorithm updates

Placed as a convenient overlay

Accessing algorithm update information does not require navigating away from your keyword overview. Instead, data is neatly placed in the ranking overview calendar, so you can see exactly when and what caused a hike or drop in rankings.

Insight into core, Google-official algorithm updates as well as minor tweaks

Different-scale algorithm updates are conveniently color-coded in the keyword overview. That way, you get seamless insight into your keywords’ performance, while also being able to make an informed decision about what to do more or less of.