How Content Marketing Drives Sales in 2022

Posted by Aida Omanović
How Content Marketing Drives Sales

Content marketing is about creating valuable and consistent content to attract customers and increase sales. The process of creating valuable content requires constant research and keeping up with technology trends. 

However, there’s a difference between content creation and knowing how content marketing drives sales. Let’s find out what’s the connection between content marketing and high sales rate. 

Find in this article:

  • Why is it important to include content marketing in sales strategy?
  • To what extent does content marketing increase sales?
  • How to generate content that increases sales?
  • How to create a connection between content marketing and sales?
  • Why is using content marketing as a sales pitch bad for sales?
  • How to use content marketing to generate repeat sales?

How Content Marketing Drives Sales

It’s essential to understand the fundamentals of human behavior to take advantage of what content marketing is offering. 2021 marketing is nowhere near aggressive interruption marketing. People are spending more time online than watching television or listening to the radio, so they can choose to block intrusive ads. 

That’s why almost every content marketing guide recommends researching targeted audiences, their needs, and interests and creating content that includes blogs, infographics, videos, and posts that offer solutions to their problems. After attracting the right audience and gaining potential buyers’ trust, the next step is turning those prospects into customers. Even though this process sounds straightforward, it requires a lot of research, optimization, and maintenance to drive sales while being subtle at the same time.

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Why Content Marketing Should Be a Bigger Part of Your Sales Strategy

Sales content management involves creating, organizing, and publishing content that sales teams use to present and sell services and products. During this process, content constantly changes until its final version, containing relevant and valuable information that will attract prospects.

Every marketer should understand how individuals or other businesses consume created content. This is the best approach that will lead to understanding how content marketing drives sales.

Businesses can use content marketing to plan and create cost-effective strategies to attract new leads and generate website traffic. In addition, tactics like social media advertising, sponsored content, and emails will help in the process of raising brand awareness. On the other hand, while the marketing team focuses on content distribution, the sales team can select particular pieces of content and send them to existing clients to get direct feedback. 

How Much Does Content Marketing Increase Sales?

Content marketing proved to be very beneficial in the long term. However, we’re talking about quality content. According to content marketing statistics, around 79% of people reported that video content convinced them to buy or download an app or piece of software. On the other hand, 84% of people stated that video was the reason behind their decision to purchase a service or product.

But, using content marketing to increase sales doesn’t mean focusing only on one type of content that proved to drive sales. Publishing different content across multiple channels allows businesses to be wherever their audience spends time online. For example, sharing content only on social media means that people who don’t use social media will miss those posts. Therefore, podcast episodes might work better because potential customers can listen to them on their way home. Last but not least, use the power of video. According to research, 69% of people prefer video over text when learning about a service or product. 

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How to Create Content That Drives Sales?

Content marketing competition has never been this fierce. Therefore, savvy marketers need to cut through information overload to stay on top of the game. However, many businesses fail to see the importance of valuable content and often allocate resources that aren’t sufficient to ensure good results.

One of the best content marketing tips that lead to higher sales is delivering individualized experiences to a target audience. The insight that only sales professionals gain regarding the most usual customer inquiries is precious. Using these questions to create content will attract prospects and increase the probability of turning them into paying customers. Still, that’s just one small part of the content creation process. Another crucial step comes after potential customers become aware of a brand and start considering it. In this phase, content must be valuable and highly convincing. 

How to Connect Content Marketing to Sales

Every business needs to have a clear and solid strategy to sell more services or products, increase engagement, and raise brand awareness. It’s important to keep in mind that sales and marketing go hand in hand. Therefore, if a marketing team is doing its job properly, the sales rate will increase. For that reason, brands mustn’t rush the whole process. Instead, they should carefully analyze the market and pinpoint their target audiences to take the next step. 

One of the goals of content marketers is connecting content marketing to the sales funnel. The first step in this process is researching the field of interest of the targeted audience. This step is vital for creating relevant content and grabbing the attention of potential customers. However, making potential customers aware of a brand’s existence is only a job half-done. The main task is to rise above the competition and gain potential customers’ trust. This is where reviews, how-tos, videos, etc., play an essential role.

However, it’s crucial to avoid creating annoying sales funnels or resort to false advertising to increase sales. 

How Does Content Marketing Build Repeat Sales?

Retaining existing customers is much more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Customers who repeat their purchases play a significant role in generating business revenue. These customers already know a lot about the brand they buy from, and convenience is often the driving force behind their purchases. However, it’s important to know that customer retention is a long-term effort. In the best-case scenario, brands manage to keep customers loyal for at least a year after their first purchase.

Brands with a good content marketing strategy keep track of customers’ purchases that are repeated over time and encourage them to restock. This is where real-time marketing automation comes in handy because timing is everything. Setting a trigger email with a reminder when it’s time to make another purchase can help brands drive sales. Post-purchase personalized approach through in-app messages, email, or notifications is also significant in promoting repeated sales, ensuring ongoing growth, and boosting ROI.

Why Content Marketing Can’t Be a Sales Pitch

Businesses often make a mistake by wanting everything they create to become a potential sales pitch. Content marketing focuses on an early stage of a customer journey, and having a sales pitch in a blog post can easily have the opposite effect. Many people don’t visit websites to buy something, so forcing sales-specific content on them will often result in a high bounce rate.

With that being said, it becomes clear why content management for marketing and sales is an essential step toward creating an efficient sales and marketing strategy for every business. With careful planning, organizing, and optimizing content and sales material, it’s possible to create relevant content and gain the trust of potential customers by giving them what they want. 

Avoid creating content that’s only meant to be used for selling products. Instead, focus on inbound marketing and meeting customer needs. 

What Are Examples of Content Marketing?

Some of the best content marketing strategies include appealing to customers by giving them the opportunity to improve a particular set of skills through courses. This way, a brand positions itself better on the market. Another example of good content marketing is creating apps that allow users to try products virtually (e.g., makeup filters or furniture shopping apps) without leaving their homes.

However, content marketing best practices are in tune with current internet trends. Younger generations can make almost anything go viral. Getting the same attention from a broad audience is a dream come true for every brand because it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase a product in the best possible way. 

The Takeaway

Aside from grasping what a successful content strategy requires to gain profit, technology also plays a massive role. Creating a content strategy and overseeing the whole process is almost impossible without various apps, mainly for marketing research and management. However, many marketers have problems deciding which app offers the best insight into how content marketing drives sales and whether it performs well in general.

SerpWatch is a feature-rich rank tracker that allows for integrations and APIs, rank tracking, keyword research, client management, and more. 

Using this app with real-time notifications for all minor and significant changes in ranking will enable every seasoned marketer to stay on top of the game. Having complete insight into keyword ranking fluctuations is vital for a timely reaction that is often crucial for beating the competition.

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