New Features & Enhancements 🚀: Local Pack, Improved Add Keyword Flow, Screenshots for All Search Engines, Keyword Interest Over Time

Posted by Sanja Lalic

SerpWatch just got even better!

You can now track Google Local Pack alongside other SERP features, quickly add new keywords in just a few clicks, see Interest Over Time graph in Keyword Research Tool, and verify data with SERP screenshots across all search engines. 

Here’s more information about new features and enhancements…

New Features

📍Local Pack Tracking

Find out exactly how your business ranks on Google Maps with Local 3-Pack tracking.

While local businesses can rank in both Local Pack and standard Google results, Local Pack visually dominates the search engine results page (SERP). 

In other words, when a Local 3-Pack pops up on top of a SERP, standard organic results stand little chance of being noticed.

This makes Local Pack SERP feature the #1 traffic driver for local businesses.

What is Local Pack

Google Local Pack or Local 3-Pack is a SERP feature that appears on top of the search results for keywords with local intent (e.g. “plumber near me”, “supermarket nearby”, “best pizza New York”, etc.).

Local Pack features a listing of three businesses alongside their location on the map.

This SERP feature allows users to quickly find the most important information about a local business, including address, contact information, and directions.

Local Pack results may also include ratings, open hours, price range, website link, photos, deals, etc.

Google sources this information from Google Business Profiles and shows results it finds to be most relevant to the user in terms of search intent and proximity to their location.

Local Pack Tracking in SerpWatch

Tracking Local Pack results allows you to understand and measure local results for specific keywords and decide on a targeted approach to boost traffic and outrank local competitors.

Agencies can use Local Pack tracking as an irresistible service add-on to wow clients with a new SERP feature and help them boost their local presence.


➕ Quickly Add New Keywords 

You no longer have to go through the entire Edit Project setup to add new keywords to your project.

Now you can use the “+Add Keyword” button to quickly add new keywords. You can either type or copy/paste the keywords you want to track or import them from a CSV file. 

📈 Research Keyword Interest Over Time

With SerpWatch Keyword Research Tool, you can quickly find new keywords and analyze important metrics to drive more traffic to your website and rank higher in search engines.

In addition to Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, Cost Per Click, and Competition, Keyword Research Tool now also shows an Interest Over Time graph which tells you how the popularity of a particular keyword changed over time for the location you specify.

📸 View SERP Screenshots for all Search Engines

 SerpWatch lets you instantly verify ranking data with SERP screenshots, accessible directly from the keyword-level ranking graph.

Besides Google, you can now see SERP screenshots for all search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex).

💬 Your Feedback 

Your feedback is one of the most important sources of innovation at SerpWatch. 

We are committed to listening to your comments, ideas, and suggestions and using them to improve our product and provide the best possible user experience.

Let us know what you think about the new features and enhancements via Live Chat or email and submit your feature ideas to our Roadmap.

Happy tracking! 🚀

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